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Plisson gold and horn safety razor
Plisson gold and horn razor side
Plisson gold and horn safety razor bottom
Close-up on head of Razor horn and gold

Razor - Horn and Gold

Why we chose Plisson 1808
Why we selected the horn and gold razor

While many still use cheap disposable plastic tools, I love that Plisson elevated it to a piece of art. And it was necessary because men use this object every day. It shouldn't be a low-end item. The use of noble materials and its distinctive handle shape makes it something men enjoy finding every morning.

  • Unique Horn Handle
  • Solid Brass Coated with 24 Carats Gold Finish
  • Safety Head with an Open-Comb (Crenelated)
  • Blades not included
Care instructions

Use regular traditional shaving blades
Rinse the razor and the blade after each use to keep them clean
Change the blade when it is worn to keep a clean and pleasant shave
If needed, you can wash your razor with soapy water and dry it with a soft towel

France flag

Made with passion in France

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Razor traditional shape

A Precious Horn Handle

Beautifully shaped from steer's horn and offset with a 24-carat gold-plated brass head.

Razor blade

Classic Blades

Plisson razors are unmatched when it comes to durability; instead of throwing away an entire razor, simply refresh your blade whenever it is getting dull. Plisson razors are designed to be compatible will almost all brands of standard razor blades.


Safety Head

The open comb allows for a very close shave while also holding the blade securely in place. Especially effective on even the most challenging beards.


An Excellent Gateway to Classic Shaving

Easier to use than a straight razor and more effective than a disposable. And since standard razor blades are readily available almost everywhere, it is a perfect travel companion.

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Better for Our Planet

By choosing a classical wet shave, you are not only gaining a more precise and luxurious shaving experience, you are also reducing your impact on the planet. Say goodbye to the non-biodegradable plastic razors, plastic packaging and cans of pressurized shaving cream that are destined to end up in a landfill by choosing Plisson instead.

Napoleon in costume

Napoleon's Equipment

Adopt the same routine as the Emperor to triumph over battles of everyday life.

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