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10'' Kitchen Knife - Le Thiers

Why we chose Goyon-Chazeau
Why we selected the kitchen knife

The kitchen knife is a must-have, it is the one that the chef uses the most. Its size allows to make large cuts in soft and hard foods. The bigger the knife, the stronger it is. The smaller the knife, the easier it is to handle. Varying the size of the knives allows you to have the ideal tool for each use.

  • 9.8'' Blade
  • Forged Hardened Blade in X50CrMov15 Stainless Steel, 54-56HRC
  • Full Blade Cutting Edge
  • Razor Sharpening
  • Bolster
  • Professional Matt Finish
  • Juniper Wood Handle
  • Riveted Handle
Care instructions

Hand wash with a non-abrasive sponge and a few gentle dish soap
Dry as soon as washing is completed
No dishwasher
Do not leave in prolonged contact with a heat source or water
Store in a dry place

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Made with passion in France

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Fashioned from German steel, this knife is significantly more robust and durable than one that is simply stamped from a metal sheet. Expert craftsmanship ensures it will keep its edge longer.

Chain links

Full Tang Riveted

The exceptional sturdiness of this knife also makes it more evenly balanced, assuring the best design to make it last a lifetime.

Wood Chisel

Juniper Wood Handle

Masters of their art, Goyon-Chazeau selects only the most beautiful cuts of juniper burl wood to craft their signature knife handles. Once considered sacred in France, the juniper burl has naturally occurring antiseptic properties and releases a peppery scent when manipulated. Carefully shaped and beautifully finished, these knives are sure to be the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Hand holding scale

Full Bolster

Goyon-Chazeau knives are carefully curved at the base of the blade to help prevent fingers from slipping forward and catching on the blade. In addition, more weight is added to the back of the knife to give added balance and control during use.

Lake with a cabin

From Thiers

A small town in the center of France, Thiers has been the undisputed capital of cutlery in France for over 600 years. In the early days, the powerful Durolle river provided the force to move the millstones necessary for knife production before the availability of electricity.

Kitchen knife

A Knife for a Lifetime

Properly maintained and stored, this knife is sure to stand the test of time. In the case of daily use, it is recommended to sharpen it once a week, and once a year it should be brought to a professional to restore its edge. But one of the best ways to preserve this knife is to use it.

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